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To view nearby sources, first select a pollutant and radius (or select 'Radius Only'). Then select from 1 of the 3 search options below:

Criteria Pollutant:
Search Radius:
Radius Only / No Search

1. Either enter coordinates from one of the coordinate systems listed in the dropdown menu and then press "Submit"...

X>Long: Y>Lat: Coordinate System (Datum):

2. Enter the operator name, facility name or AIRS-ID# (XXX-XXXX), press return (or hit "Search>") to create a list of choices to "Submit"...

3. Or, once having selected a pollutant and radius, pan and/or zoom to the location of interest and Click on the map below.

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Designation Areas (check box): AMA = Attainment/Maintenance Area .............. NAA = Non-Attainment Area
PM10 AMA CO AMA O3 1hr AMA O3 8hr NAA (0.08 ppm / 0.075 ppm O3 NAAQS)
Other (check box): Class I Class II* CDPHE Monitoring Sites
*Class II areas, as they existed on August 7, 1977, that have Class I SO2 increment protection. Class II boundaries are approximate.
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+ Dist (km) Facility Name (click button left of facility name to add label) Emissions (TPY) O3 NAA?

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Imagery collection dates vary depending on location and zoom level.

Tabular facility data (updated daily) provided by APCD records.

Map navigation tips (using mouse + special keystrokes in the map):

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