About Us - Technical Services Program

Technical Services is responsible for the collection and analysis of air quality data throughout the state. Particulate and gaseous air monitors are distributed in most Colorado communities to track air quality trends and compliance with air quality standards. The program is also responsible for providing modeling analyses to determine the impacts various sources will have on air quality. Models are also used to create and evaluate control plan strategies and to provide a basis for health risk assessments.

Technical Services Program - Erick Mattson, Program Manager

  • Collects and analyzes statewide ambient air quality data.
  • Provides daily air quality advisories during the summer ozone season and the winter high pollution season.
  • Performs complex modeling analysis to determine impacts of air pollution sources on air quality.
  • Provides forecasting and meteorology information related to air pollution
  • Maintains emission inventory data to track quantity and sources of various pollutants.
  • Regulates the use of controlled burns and prescribed fire through a smoke management program.
  • Conducts visibility research and analysis.

Web Address

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Technical Services Contacts

24-hour Air Quality Advisory hotline: 303-758-4848
Toll free 24-hour Air Quality Advisory hotline: 1-888-484-3247 (1-888-4-THE AIR)
24-hour Air Quality Bulletin hotline: 303-782-0211

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Air Pollution Control Division/Technical Services Program
  4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530
Fax: 303-782-5493
Information: 303-692-3100

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