How to Install the Smoke, Current Air Quality &
Advisory Forecast Thumbnails

To install simply copy the HTML snippet from below, and then paste it into your web page's HTML where you'd like it to appear:

Colorado Smoke Outlook Thumbnail

Link to the Colorado Smoke Outlook--updated frequently during wildfires.

Current Colorado Smoke Outlook

Current Air Quality Thumbnail

The current air quality thumbnail is produced each hour from our real-time monitoring network showing the highest Air Quality Index (AQI) value for each region (Metropolitan & Combined Statistical Area), or "other areas" of the state. "Other Areas" shows highest AQI from monitoring stations located outside the primary reporting regions. In addition, when air quality is moderate or worse, the monitoring station's abbreviation will be shown after "Other Areas" in gray. This HTML snippet links to our Colorado air quality summary page where real-time air quality monitoring, air quality forecasts, and state issued advisories can be found statewide.

Current Air Quality Conditions

Highest AQI yesterday companion thumbnail...

Highest AQI yesterday

Advisory & Air Quality Forecast Thumbnail

The air quality forecast, visibility forecast and pollution related action days, for the specified region, are shown here. The seasonal summer ozone and winter residential programs can also be found here. This HTML snippet links to our advisory page where more details can be found for Denver and Front-Range advisories and forecasts.

Learn more about the thumbnail-forecast...